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Expert Handyman Services Maximize Home Value

Maximizing Home Value with Expert Handyman Services

Expert Handyman Services are hidden gems of value. Handymen can perform many home improvement tasks and have many skills to repair any part of your home. If you’re seeking services for maintenance, here’s how they can improve your home.

Why You Should Consider Handyman For Home Renovation

Selling a home can be a long and arduous process. It’s expensive, and first impressions matter for potential buyers of your home. Expert Handyman Services can spruce up your home’s basics and improve its value by taking care of the essentials. This includes plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and even painting.  

Many homes often contain old wiring, plumbing, AC units, and a multitude of problems that can impact the home’s value. Renovating homes over 20 years old takes time, planning, and design considerations. The construction work for improving these areas is a long haul of expenses that can slow house-selling. It’s better to start sooner rather than later, as those problems can add up over time.

What Kinds of Services Does Star Handyman offer?

Expert Handyman Services can assist with many basic and common problems houses face and help alleviate the costs spent on your home projects. As generalists, these service providers are versatile in their skills and costs and can offer a wide range of services for home renovation and repair, including: 

  • Drywall Repair: These services include patching up drywall holes, removing old wallpaper, and even full replacements for drywall in attics, basements, and garages. 
  • Staining and Painting: Handymen can provide both interior and exterior painting and staining, which includes touching up faded colours, painting baseboards and crown molding, and painting outer walls for curb appeal. 
  • Minor Plumbing: Depending on the local building codes, some general handymen can provide basic services such as repairing leaky faucets and unclogging sinks. 
  • Minor Electrical: Some general handymen can perform minor electrical services, such as installing smoke detectors and security cameras, depending on your province’s municipal electrical codes. 
  • Smart Home Upgrades: As more appliances move towards smart technology, many handymen providers can install these devices to help improve the home’s energy efficiency and appeal to future homeowners. 
  • Minor Landscaping Services: Curb appeal is vital, so many handymen can provide landscaping services such as paving stone, installing walkways, and even building garden terraces. 
  • General Carpentry: As a catch-all and useful skill, carpentry services such as woodworking and finishing can help in specific circumstances for more customizable home options. 
  • Winterization: In Toronto’s wintery landscape, winter-proofing your home is essential. Many handymen can offer ways to protect your home, including installing windows, weather-stripping, and caulking around doors and windows. 
  • Baby-proofing: For potential families that may move into your old home, babyproofing services, such as child-safe latches for cupboards and cabinets and securing electrical outlets, can help increase the home’s value and appeal. 

But wait, there’s more

Alongside these services, some handymen can provide specialized services such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical as long as they are licensed and compliant with your local regulations and safety standards. Handymen who have experiences in these areas can assist in more advanced and complex problems within your home and expand on their service options depending on the specifics of your home project. 

These services are invaluable for homeowners looking to eventually sell their house on the market because the level of expertise and training needed for these service providers can help mitigate risks of problems later on for home inspections and negotiation prices down the road. 

Key Areas to Focus on For Home Improvement

Investing in your home takes a considerable amount of steps to consider along the way, and while handyman services can certainly help, you should still know what areas of your home need improvements or repairs. If you’re looking to sell your home within a certain time frame, then knowing what areas need fixing can help you plan out when to hire handymen for their services. These areas should include: 

Curb Appeal Through Landscaping

Landscaping and curb appeal are among the first things potential homebuyers will see to assess your home’s value. The yard, the square footage, and features, such as gardens and porches, will all contribute to how well the home is maintained and can add to your ROI. Investing in handyman services for landscaping can help you create the perfect space. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

The next feature that potential homeowners will look for to assess the home’s value is the kitchen and bathroom, as these two areas are considered the most used spaces within a home and most vulnerable to problems. Remodeling and improving these spaces with handyman services can spruce them up and make them worthwhile.

Roof, Furnace, and Water Heater Replacements

Smaller things, such as furnaces and water heaters, are often forgotten in home improvement projects. Whether you intend to sell the home or not, these areas help protect your home and regulate its internal environment. Handyman services can maintain these areas or, for full-scale projects, completely renovate them. 

Invest in Smart Technology

Smart technology is on the rise and continues to grow, so homes lacking such features tend to lose their inherent value. Handymen who can install appliances such as smart refrigerators, LED lighting, and even solar panels can help increase the home’s energy efficiency and can improve its value on the market. 

Whether you’ve taken out a loan or are exploring your financial options, consider handyman services as a viable option, as they can alleviate the technical know-how and costs associated with your project, help you improve your home’s value tenfold, and make your investments worthwhile. 

Find Your Team With Star Handyman in Toronto Today!

At Star Handyman, we can provide handyman services on a broad scale, helping people with small to mid-sized renovation projects to improve homes, offices, and commercial spaces throughout the Toronto area. We work 24/7, 365 days a year, only hire specialists with 5+ years of experience, and bring all the tools and materials right to your door. If you would like to receive a quote for your project, call us at 647-629-2148, and let us help you improve your home’s value today.

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